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What does it mean to be part of a community?

It’s building meaningful and lasting relationships and having the self-confidence to authentically navigate daily life. Every one of us deserves the chance to be an active and valued part of our community in a way that works best for us. Our community programs provide opportunities to develop positive self-identity, authentic relationships, and more in small group settings.

Groups are inclusive and age-matched. While designed and led by our  therapists, our community clubs are NOT individualized therapy. They provide a safe environment and activities designed to explore social interaction, with a knowledgable professional ensuring the safety of participants. When needed, we also assist participants in navigating conflicts in respectful ways. However, groups do not include individualized goals, which would be best achieved in private therapy sessions. Our neuro-affirming group programs aim to build upon skills already learned in school, at home, or in private therapy. Simultaneously, they provide an environment in which new friendships are created and our community is strengthened.

We have overhauled our group program format in an effort to make them more convenient and accessible to families in our community. Groups are now called “clubs” and feature rolling enrollment, with no set start/end dates. Register for one session to try it out, or register for a package of 5 sessions and pick the dates that work best for you.

What you need to know:

  • Registration deadline for each week is 48 hours before the group time.
  • Payment will be collected at the time of registration. If you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund if canceling 48 hours before that session, but no refund if canceling with less than 48 hours’ notice. Alternatively, you are able to reschedule for a different date at no cost.
  • If there are not enough participants to hold a group by the registration deadline, we will notify anyone who has signed up for that date and they will be able to select a different week at no cost.
  • There is no limit to how many sessions your child may register for, as long as they still meet the age criteria for the group. 
  • In addition to groups for children, we have added a parent coaching group specifically designed to support parents of neurodivergent children.
  • New groups take effect July/August 2023 (specific group start dates vary based on therapist availability, but will remain consistent and open on an ongoing basis once started)

We plan to add more groups to our schedule as time allows, and dependent on feedback from clients. Let us know if there is a group you’d like to see, or if you have questions about this new club format. To share your feedback, contact us.

Play Pals Club

Play is the number one job of children! These play groups include a combination of structured and unstructured play opportunities in small groups of peers. Led by an occupational therapist.

Ages: Kindergarten

Group size: 3 children.

Program day and time: Tuesdays 5-6 pm

Start Date: August 8

Cost: Single session: $35
          Package of 5 sessions: $150

Language Learners Club

Led by a pediatric speech therapist, this is a group for preschoolers (age 3 or 4 years). All are welcome, no diagnosis needed. Session activities will be designed to provide natural opportunities to develop language in a welcoming, small group environment.

Ages: Preschool (3 or 4 years old)

Group size: 3 participants

Program days/times: Thursdays 9-10 am

Start Date: July 13

Cost: Single session: $35
           Package of 5 sessions: $150

Capability Club

This social opportunities group is designed specifically for middle school students. Using participant-led, unstructured activities, the program is designed to facilitate development in the areas of self-advocacy, emotional regulation, and meaningful social participation grounded in the neurodiversity paradigm. Emphasis will be on understanding a variety of communication styles. All are welcome; no diagnosis needed. Led by an autistic occupational therapist.

Ages: Middle school

Group Size: Up to 5 participants

Program days/times: Thursdays 5-6 pm

Start Date: August 17, 2023

Cost: Single session: $30
         Package of 5 sessions: $125

Neuro-Affirming Parent Coaching Group

This one is for the grown-ups!

Wondering how you can best support your neurodivergent child?

This small group coaching program is designed specifically to support parents in applying affirming parenting strategies in the home. Limited to 5 participants and led by an autistic occupational therapist, each session will feature a Q & A component as well as planned topics based on questions submitted ahead of time. Example topics include developing regulation, managing conflicting sensory needs, navigating food selectivity, and more.

You do NOT need to have a child in therapy to attend; all parents or caregivers of neurodivergent children are welcome.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer child care at this time.

Ages: Parents of neurodivergent children of any age

Group size: up to 5

Program Days/Times: Twice each month: one Thursday 11 am – 12 pm; one Tuesday 6 – 7 pm 
Start Date: June 15, 2023

Cost: Single session: $20
           Package of 5 sessions: $85


Ausomely Autistic: As this group has already been funded by grant funding, format has not changed


For autistic children who are in 3rd or 4th grade. Led by an autistic occupational therapist, this group is specifically designed to develop positive self-identity in autistic youth. The group will explore what it means to be autistic (use of identity-affirming rather than person-first language is intentional, as this is preferred by the majority of the autistic community). We will explore sensory and communication differences, regulation and coping strategies, and more. We will be incorporating portions of the SEA Bridge neurodiversity-affirming curriculum. *This program is being supported by a grant from The Greater Harrisburg Foundation, a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. It is being provided at NO COST to participants.

Ages: 3rd or 4th grade

Group Size: Up to 5 participants

Program dates: Saturdays 9-10 am; June 10 – Aug 26 (12 weeks) 

Cost: FREE due to grant funding

How to enroll: Group is full. Join the waitlist for fall sessions here

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