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Access to care is our top priority.

As a nonprofit organization, it is our mission to provide quality OT, and ST services to children regardless of financial means. Nearly 85% of our clients have medical assistance as either their primary or secondary coverage. This means that they are able to receive services at no cost to them. Unfortunately, medical assistance provider reimbursement rates are on average 40-75% lower than commercial insurance rates. Because of this, we rely on additional funding sources in order to continue providing quality services to our community. 

Current Fundraising Campaign:

Equipment upgrades to benefit our clients

We have made it to our 3rd anniversary! Equipment upgrades are needed in order to enhance the services provided to our clients. But we need help. We know that times are tough for everyone right now, and we truly appreciate every dollar! Below we have listed our wishlist. These are the items that will be purchased as funds are raised. With each item is a description of just a few of the therapeutic benefits each item will provide to our clients. These items are designed for clinic use and as such are top quality in terms of safety and durability. We know these items will help our clients achieve their goals while having fun for many more years to come!

As always, THANK YOU so much for your support! Be sure to check back on our progress, as we will post updates and pictures of new equipment here!

Desired equipment:

1. Bolster swing:… This swing facilitates the development of core strength, balance, and coordination while providing vestibular input. Cost of the swing: $546.00  Cost of two vinyl covers for ability to clean/change quickly between clients: $142.00

2.  Rainbow acrobat swing:… This piece of equipment can be used in a wide variety of ways. It provides calming proprioceptive input, motor planning challenges, and more. We would need to also purchase additional hardware to install this swing. Cost of swing: $465.00  Cost of each additional attachment point: $135.00  Cost of suspension hardware: $150.00 Cost of professional installation of suspension points: $500

3. Resistance tunnel:… This item provides a chance to build coordination and strength while providing increased proprioceptive (calming) input. We know the kids would love to see it added to our obstacle courses! Cost: $157

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Where do Funds Go?

Transparency is a core value.

We successfully completed our first fundraising campaign in spring 2022. With the funds raised, we purchased an augmentative and alternative communication device with the appropriate software for use in our therapy sessions. THANK YOU to all who helped us purchase this technology!

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