Parent Coaching

Individual or Group Parent Coaching

Raising kids is hard.


It is hard to know what to do, how to approach different situations, and what to say to set your children up for a healthy, happy future. This is compounded by confusing mixed messages from family, friends, and content creators. It is made even more complex when raising neurodivergent and/or disabled children. Many parents have shared with us that they feel lonely in their parenting journeys.


We have created our Parent Coaching programs to help.


Our FREE Parent Coaching groups meet twice monthly via Zoom. These are more than support groups; they are educational groups filled with Q & A, problem-solving, and sharing experiences. Like support groups, however, they provide a small community of other parents facing similar struggles and sharing philosophies of responsive, gentle parenting.

Parent Coaching groups are led by occupational therapists. Each group session consists of open Q&A as well as structured discussion of a topic selected based on registrants’ concerns submitted ahead of time. All topics are approached from a neurodiversity-affirming, responsive parenting viewpoint. They are a great forum for learning more about this parenting style and applying it generally to your family. 

Individual Sessions

We also provide individual parent coaching sessions. These are 1:1 opportunities to speak with one of our occupational therapists about a specific concern that you have. These are not a substitute for direct therapy services, but are a great way to learn parenting strategies or approaches that may help support your child. Parent coaching can be a great option to supplement individual therapy sessions, or can be used as a standalone service. Sessions occur via Zoom.

Examples of topics that we may assist with in individual parent coaching sessions include:

– Potty training

– Decreasing mealtime stress for selective eaters

– Accommodating sensory differences

– Decreasing demands/low-demand parenting

– Responsive parenting

– Creating a neurodiversity-affirming household

Cost and Payment

Parent coaching is a private pay service, as it is not payable by insurance.

Group sessions are offered free of charge

Individual sessions: $50 per 30-minute session

All session fees are paid at time of registration. Refunds possible if canceling more than 24 hours in advance.

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