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At our convenient location just off of the Carlisle Pike in Camp Hill, we at TCS are passionate about providing quality evidence-based programming for children and young adults. As the West Shore’s first autistic-led therapy clinic, we are proud to offer neurodiversity-affirming pediatric therapy services to the Harrisburg area.

In addition to our children’s occupational, speech, and feeding therapy services, we are proud to take an active role in our community by offering innovative, inclusive programs for central Pennsylvania youth celebrating the neurodiversity of our community.

Ultimately, our driving purpose at TCS is to make tomorrow better than yesterday.

All too often physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges get in the way of living life to the fullest. The goal of occupational, speech, and feeding therapy treatment is to ultimately increase a child’s quality of life by supporting them in participating in all of life’s activities to the extent that is meaningful for them.

Occupational therapists are uniquely trained to assess your child’s ability to perform an activity, understand what the source of the difficulty is, and design customized intervention to improve performance. All of our therapists do this with advanced knowledge of child development and with an understanding of environmental influences.

Our Services

Occupational and/or Speech Therapy

Individual occupational therapy and speech therapy is all about making life easier and more fulfilling for your child and family. The process is initiated with an initial consultation, in which we listen to your concerns and help you determine the best way forward. If we feel that private therapy may be beneficial, we will schedule an evaluation and begin the treatment process. For more information on how each type of therapy may help, visit their pages below.


Our treatment goals are centered around your child's goals for themselves, in conjunction with your priorities and goals for your child.

Personal Attention

These sessions work best to bring out the individual skills in a more private one-on-one setting.

Community Programs

Communities are made better when relationships among their members are strengthened. Bonds are made stronger when individuals learn how to meaningfully relate to each other. While not always the only focus area, social skills and leadership skills are woven through all of our inclusive community programs

Small Groups

Small group programs create an environment in which children and young adults can work on improving their own individual skills while having fun and building friendships.

Target Skills

Programs available to target a variety of specific skills and age groups. ​

Make tomorrow better than yesterday

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