Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Finding yourself in any of these situations is confusing, overwhelming, and can be terrifying. In pediatric occupational therapy intervention, we can help you and your child with these and many other challenging circumstances.
Occupational therapists are skilled in understanding physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges that create barriers for your child. In a nutshell, the private treatment process starts with an evaluation, goal setting, and customized treatment plan design.

We can help with:

Who may benefit?

Any child or young adult experiencing challenges preventing them from living life to the fullest could potentially benefit from our occupational therapy services. While we serve clients with a wide variety of diagnoses, a diagnosis is not necessary to participate in therapy services.
We also acknowledge that difficulties do not disappear at age 21, and welcome adult clients to our facility. We specialize in serving neurodivergent adults.

What does the process look like?

Appointments are now offered either in-person or by telehealth.


It is hard to know whether or not your child would benefit from therapy. Parents of children experiencing challenges or with a recent diagnosis often don’t know where to start. We invite parents who have concerns about how their child is functioning in daily life to schedule an occupational therapy evaluation. We want you to ask every imaginable question you have. The goal of an evaluation is to create a customized treatment schedule. This treatment plan’s purpose is to achieve goals that have been collaboratively set by the parents, therapist, child, and when appropriate, other healthcare providers. During the evaluation, we will join your child in play, get to know their interests and preferences, and work with you to dig deeper into your concerns. We may or may not ask you, as the parent, to complete a questionnaire-based assessment, and we occasionally may complete standardized testing with your child if warranted. In total, this process helps to determine if your child is likely to benefit from occupational therapy services. If so, we will work with you to establish a customized treatment schedule and to set goals for your child.

private occupational therapy evaluation
private occupational therapy treatment


Research has shown that purposeful activity is the most effective and functional way to learn new skills. We use child-led approaches to incorporate goal areas into play in ways that do not create pressure or emphasize compliance. Our goal is to create intrinsic motivation and positive self-identity for growth and lasting impact, not quick fixes.  As parents, you are always invited to join your child’s session so that you may learn how to support your child’s progress at home. You will also have 24-hour, secure access to your child’s treatment notes, reports, and any other documents.


Therapy should never be part of your normal routine. All treatment plans will have a start and end date based on goals. We believe in frequent breaks from services. Your child’s new skills may then be solidified in their home, school, and community and your family may relax and focus on enjoying life together rather than attending appointments. After a break, a new evaluation may or may not be indicated for further services according to your child’s needs.

private occupational therapy session


Detailed information for all clients is available on our insurance and payment page.

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