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For many neurodivergent adults, especially for those identified later in life, the world is overwhelming. It can be difficult to figure out your sensory needs and accommodations. It is often difficult to navigate day-to-day life, with all of the demands that adult life entails. Our neurodivergent clinicians bring their lived experience as well as their training to sessions to help you identify and achieve your goals.

Occupational therapists are skilled in understanding physical, emotional, executive functioning, and environmental challenges that create barriers. Speech therapists are skilled in navigating communication differences and designing supportive augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. Through the lens of neurodiversity, we will equip you with tools to overcome barriers to live life to the fullest.

We can help with:

Group sessions

In addition to individual therapy sessions, we are excited to announce that we are now offering group coaching sessions specifically designed for neurodivergent adults. These sessions are NOT individualized therapy and are not billable to insurance. Instead, they are educational groups focused on specific topics. They will be filled with practical strategies to try at home.

Our first group will be led by an autistic occupational therapist and is titled, “Sensory Wellbeing for Neurodivergent Adults.” The group will focus on exploring sensory profiles, understanding how sensory processing impacts our daily lives, and providing proactive strategies that you can use to manage your sensory needs. We will meet once a month on Saturday afternoons via Zoom. Register for one Saturday or join us more than once for additional strategies and ideas for accommodations. No diagnosis is required.

Dates to be determined; please contact us if you are interested in this group.

Individual Therapy Sessions: What does the process look like?

Appointments are now offered either in-person or by telehealth.


It is hard to know whether or not occupational or speech therapy may be helpful for you as a neurodivergent adult. If you are having difficulty participating in any aspect of your daily life, we recommend scheduling an occupational therapy evaluation. If you have difficulty communicating your wants or needs, or would like to explore AAC, we recommend a speech therapy evaluation. At your evaluation, we will speak with you to explore your concerns and challenges. We welcome your questions. We will listen. Please note that OT or Speech evaluations are NOT diagnostic evaluations, and are utilized only to identify functional challenges so that we may design treatment if indicated.



Research has shown that purposeful activity is the most effective and functional way to learn new skills. We carefully design each session’s activities to target the your goals in engaging, interesting ways. You will always have input into your sessions’ activities and goals, and will be given strategies to apply at home. You will also have 24-hour, secure access to your treatment notes, reports, and any other documents through your online client portal.


Treatment plans will have a start and end date based on goals. Your therapist will frequently collaborate you to check in on your goals and progress. Therapy will end when you have achieved your goals. You are always welcome to return in the future if you have additional concerns or would like to explore additional strategies.


Detailed information for all clients is available on our insurance and payment page.

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